Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Latest Mehandi Design | Quick To Draw Beautiful Mehandi Design

Mehandi designs perfect the look of an Indian wife/partner. There are many mehndi but not all can be done for your big day – this page includes 10 of the numerous stylish and beautiful mehndi pictures any partner might love to try on their hands

Happy Diwali Images Collection:

Monday, 15 October 2018

Simple Mehndi Designs - Easy To Draw

Simple Mehndi Designs – Mehndi views so beautifully. Doesn’t? It has an exact color and a wonderful texture. Most importantly, really simple Indian mehndi designs are simple to create. They don’t need much time and unlike other types of tattooing and skin coloring, these simple mehndi patterns are not stable in nature.

So, no assurance, right? Check out these simple mehndi designs, Those are really easy to draw

Cheery and Beautiful
This design is like a piece of jewelry used to adorn hands. Everything starting from the three floral patterns on the sides to the pearl strings and the checkered pattern has been done with finesse to ensure that the piece looks nothing less than mesmerizing.

Hand Jewelry Design
This simple mehndi design looks like a hand accessory or an ornament of some kind. The intricate part of the design is the bracelet, which has been created using leaf motifs and circular pattern.

And from this bracelet stretches three dotted strings on each side, which connect to a central floral motif drawn at the center of the backside of the palm. These simple mehndi designs are generally useful for those who have long fingers.

An Arm Mehndi Tattoo
Don’t want a permanent tattoo? Try this floral, simple mehndi tattoo that’s perfect for all occasions. Use leaves to connect flowers (draw floral borders first). Experiment with three, four or even five petals when it comes to flowers. You can also use a stencil to draw first and fill later.

Happy Diwali Images Collection:

Stars All Along
Kids and adults can try this mehndi design, simple but sophisticated enough to pique anyone’s interest. The design’s construction is divided into two parts; first being half of your wrist covered with intrinsic floral and leafy patterns whereas the second half is left clean and spacious by using well space out starry patterns.